Naked - Powder to Foam Cleanser

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Naked has undergone a reformulation to make it even better. The new formulation has the addition of an incredible coconut foaming agent to make it even creamier when mixed with water. 

Antioxidant rich cleansing grains that include Vitamin C rich Orange Peel Powder and antibacterial White Willow Bark. Red Moroccan clay helps draw out impurities from the skin whilst gently exfoliating leaving you with bright and clear skin. The gluten free oats act as a probiotic, leaving your skin moisturised and cleansed. 

When activated with water, our ultra-potent, natural, organic and preservative-free cleansing grains transform into a creamy, enzyme rich paste. 

Think of our powdered cleansing grains as a concentrated version of traditional liquid product. In other words, there is actually more product in the jar and the ingredients them self carry a higher potency.